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Late Train Pisses off Thousands Before Noon

The Late Train Productions' "What's the Story?" debuted as the top movie on AtomFilms on November 30. The politically slanted short was immediately met by a chorus of conservative boos.

"Apparently elitist, narcissistic, whining lemmings got hold of a camera," one reviewer wrote. Other responses called the movie "trash," "ignorant," and "stupid, stupid, stupid!"

The Austin-based Late Train Productions was shocked by the response, estimating that they may have pissed off thousands of people before the lunch hour.

"If this continues, by the end of the day, we may infuriate three electoral votes," said Lloyd Thompson, a Late Train member.

The short depicts a fictional family of ignorant rednecks hellbent on building their own militia. It's funny, biting, and bitter.

"We've never really taken a political stance on anything, so there's two ways of looking at this," said Jeff Rose. "One: the movie is juvenile and we should 'get over it.' Or two: the president is juvenile and we won't get over this for three years and eleven months."

Rose added: "I guess I'm leaning toward number two."

The short was originally shot and edited for 20x2, an Austin-based project that gives twenty speakers two minutes each to answer one question. The question was, obviously, "What's the Story?" The film received a positive response at its November 6th screening, so the Late Train decided to move to it onto the website.

The AtomFilms response was not as warm to the filmmakers.

"I am ashamed that the makers of this ridiculous and biased Democratic cult blurb live in this country," another online reviewer wrote. "Perhaps they could find employment and happiness in Afghanistan or the former Soviet Union."

As of press time, The Late Train Productions has no intention of leaving Texas.