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Inside the Foley Department

A foley department rarely gets its due by industry insiders. But no one can completely discredit their contribution of the art of fine filmmaking. Named for Jack Foley, a Universal Studios sound expert, foley departments create and record every sound for every single movement in well-crafted film.

Still the contribution is all-too-often carelessly overlooked. Foley department professionals on feature-length shoots and amateur foley volunteers at weekend training sessions alike are usually referred to as derogatory nicknames like "Loud Noises," "Glass Smashers" and "Windowless Wonders."

Foley departments continually work against these prejudices, and their mastery of the auditory rises to meet every stunning explosion, and subtly emphasizes every furative whisper.

As a disingenuous attempt to right this wrong, we have provided you with this hastily made and patently contrived look into The Late Train foley department.